随着新型冠状病毒的爆发,我们向患者提供高质量护理的承诺从未如此重要。这就是为什么我们要虚拟化。我们是 为所有患者提供虚拟咨询以及对接受过手术的患者进行随访。无论您是现有患者还是未来患者,我们都会在这里回答您的所有问题。我们期待与您再次相见!请 点击这里 有关Maxwell Aesthetics的最新更新。


提供者 :雅各布·昂格博士


该患者想去除背脊并改善"hooked"鼻子的外观,但保持一点点驼峰(无sc),并保持鼻子的许多特征"hers". She absolutely loves the balance between huge improvement and refinement Dr. Unger was able to give her, while balancing her goals of maintaining some of the natural characteristics of her nose that made it 她的. She has a more refined tip, elegant dorsum, and no longer has a curved nose. She loves her new shape and the fact that it looks so natural, everyone thinks she looks great, but no one knows she had a rhinoplasty!