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莫非斯8 Microneedling


由于内在的衰老和日晒损伤,细纹和质地不规则会随着时间的推移而发展,这两者都会降低皮肤中的胶原蛋白水平。在麦克斯韦美学公司,我们为提供最先进的产品感到自豪 非手术治疗 that trigger the creation of new collagen to counter these signs of aging. Using 莫非斯8 microneedling, our Nashville-based team can give women and men alike a smoother, rejuvenated look.

莫非斯8 Mirconeedling in Nashville, Tennessee

莫非斯8 microneedling pairs fractional radiofrequency energy with traditional microneedling to impact layers deep below the surface, where subdermal fat sits. Remodeling this fat gives, as well as tightening lax areas, gives the skin a more youthful appearance.


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How Does 莫非斯8 Microneedling Work?

传统的微针设备,使用多个小针头刺入皮肤表面并“jump start”自然愈合过程,可在0.5到1毫米的深度工作。浅的伤口促使周围的细胞进入修复模式,产生胶原蛋白,并进一步封闭通道。这些修复工作具有修复其他损伤(包括细纹)的附加好处。


What Areas Can Be Treated with 莫非斯8?

莫非斯8 田纳西州纳什维尔的RF微调处理点击放大。

The face and neck are the most common areas patients choose to apply 莫非斯8 microneedling, since these areas are particularly visible—and are prone to showing signs of aging and UV damage due to regular exposure to the sun. Of course, laxity and tone problems are visible (and treatable) elsewhere, including on the breasts, arms, and abdomen.

What Happens After a 莫非斯8 Session?

每个病人都不一样,但是 雅各布·昂格博士, Amaka Nwubah博士,而NP的Tracy Jensen通常建议1-3种治疗方法,具体取决于治疗区域和患者’s goals. The skin-tightening effect will be visible within days of your treatment, with results continuing to improve as collagen levels rise in the skin. The full effect of a 莫非斯8 microneedling session will be enjoyed in roughly three months.

Since the channels created by the 莫非斯8 device are so small, there is no need for significant healing or down time. Make-up can be applied after two days, and any redness resulting from the treatment should grow less dramatic within three days, then resolve after a week.


Are There Options Besides 莫非斯8?

麦克斯韦美学旨在提供各种治疗方法,以适应具有各种皮肤状况,目标和其他变量的患者。除了射频微针,想要获得更清晰,更光滑,更均匀的皮肤的人还可以选择 激光换肤, IPL 化学果皮 。团队可以帮助确定在每种情况下哪种最佳。


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